Miller Brothers Auto Service, Inc.

Employee Bios

We work hard to find people that have the same work ethic, honesty and dedication you have come to expect. It goes without saying that Cory, Dax, Dustin and Jeff fit that description very well. Each of them are the kind of people you want working with you, or living next to you. Cory, Dax and Jeff all drive a long way to get here. They are all dedicated to the profession and exhibit this by attending training on their own time. We feel honored they have chosen to work with us and hope this is a testament to our shop, our philosophy and our clientel.

Dax is a 2004 Ranken Graduate, and has been with us since April of 2007. Many of you have worked with Dax in some capacity, either on the phone, or in person. Dax worked hard at becoming the third "Miller Brother" to work in the front office, however; his passion lies in actually repairing cars and not advising on services. Dax still helps out up front when needed and handles the pressure of dual roles with a clear head. Dax always shows up with a positive attitude and a smile (no, seriously) we're not joking). Dax is also a dedicated family man with 3 children.

Cory has been with us since May of 2002. We were fortunate to acquire Cory while he was still in school at Ranken Technical College, he graduated in 2002. Our industry saw a shortage of technicians at this time and most Ranken graduates had several offers while still in school. Cory has developed great mechanical skills and continues to grow and adapt to the changes in the industry. He provides quality repairs and tends to specialize in “heavy work” like clutches, head gaskets, steering/suspension and brake work, just to name a few. Cory continues to train and work towards obtaining his ASE Master certification, though this is just a formality. Cory is a dedicated family man with 3 children and has a great attitude in his work and life, we are honored and privileged to have him.

Jeff started with us March of 2004, left for a few weeks this winter and came back. We were fortunate to acquire Jeff after the AAA Diagnostic Clinic Closed in April 2004. Jeff is an ASE Master, L1 certified technician who worked at AAA for 24 years. He was there so long he may have provided services to one or more of your vehicles through the years. Jeff has great diagnostic skills, pays close attention to details and continues to learn the daily routine of not just testing and inspecting vehicles but actually repairing them. Jeff has a deep commitment to the industry and spends several hours a week reading forums as well as printed technical information. Jeff is also dedicated family man with 3 children (seeing a pattern here or what?) and is a person that will do anything he can to help his community. We are glad he is back.