Miller Brothers Auto Service, Inc.

Here's what our customers say...

“I love these guys! I recommend them to every one of my friends!”

"I am very pleased with all repairs done here, and personnel are trustworthy, professional and very nice."

“Trey and Kenny Miller are wonderful. They are friendly, informative and so helpful!”

“Excellent service and really good pricing. Was recommended by a friend and would recommend friends of my own.”

“Outstanding, fast, efficient, professional and courteous. Linda is incredible-makes it a pleasure paying for car repair!”

“They stand by their work, are knowledgeable and honest. They do not talk down to me, and they listen to what I tell them.”

“Miller Brothers keep you alert to the future needs of your car. I like that!!”

"They are so kind and willing to go above and beyond to explain things and answer your questions. Also, they have the best documentation I will probably ever see for an auto repair shop!"

“Excellent shop. Family-owned with pride in their work.”

“This is an excellent shop. Honest, courteous, considerate of the customer's needs. Linda Miller was so thorough when I spoke to her, then Kenny and Trey explained everything so even I could understand it.”

“Fantastic! They are honest, skilled, and friendly. All 100% professional.”

“I LOVE these guys – the final is usually lower than the estimate. Their work is high quality, and they never recommend anything I don’t honestly need done. I recommend them to everyone.”