Miller Brothers Auto Service, Inc.

Our History

Miller Brothers Auto Service, Inc. was established in 1996 by Trey, Kenny and Linda Miller. We have one location at 7170 Vernon Avenue in University City that started life as a 3 bay service facility (originally a Shell station built in 1965). We expanded the service facilities and waiting area in 2001/2002 to help meet demand and give us some elbow room. You may remember the old office area served as our office, waiting area, lunch room, etc.

Kenny and Trey have been involved in the automotive industry since 1988. We have formal automotive education/training, are ASE certified L1 and continue training to keep up with the ongoing changes. We both worked for one of the local “tire and auto centers” and Kenny has worked for several local independent facilities. We grew up having a passion for cars, motorcycles and speed. Kenny still has his first car, a 1966 Pontiac Tempest. Even though it is in pieces now (under restoration) it was monster of a car with the engine modifications he made while still in high school. I can’t wait to see what new big block crate motor finds its way under the hood. Linda holds everything together with the endless accounting tasks and office duties, but still makes time to take good care of our awesome customers. On the other hand we are curious and interested in hybrid vehicles and viable alternative fuels. We understand that there are limited natural resources and that change is inevitable. We look forward to the future and the changes it will bring our industry. This may, however; create more of shortage in qualified technicians unless we can attract and keep qualified people in the industry.