Miller Brothers Auto Service, Inc.

What We Do

We are an AAA Approved auto repair facility. Our main objective is to provide superior automotive repair at a reasonable cost. What this means to you is we try really hard to be your full service mechanical repair facility. We service most makes and models, provide all of the standard fluid and filter services, routine scheduled maintenance as outlined in your owner's manual along with just about anything you can think of, mechanically speaking. We have special tools and equipment like the dealers (and some they don't) to help aid in testing and repairs. We were one of the first shops in the area to perform emission repairs, which are needed if your car fails the state emission test. We can schedule waiting appointments for easy jobs like oil services, tire rotation, safety/emission inspections, etc. For those bigger services we require a scheduled drop-off appointment. There are times we can get to it immediately and other times it may be a week or so before we can schedule the appointment. It is all dependent on several factors such as time of year, weather conditions and internal manpower. Please remember that we do our best to give you a real time frame of when we can physically work on your vehicle. We schedule enough time to perform the adequate checks or repairs based on the information given. We will always do our best in emergency situations to expedite repairs. We will never promise what we cannot deliver.